◌ (to) fight 


a transmedia project created by ramin aryaie

featuring music by nicolas jaar.

The second chapter of DREAMS was recorded in the holy land. Through it we explore and processes the feelings and thoughts that force themselves on you when you are wandering around a region shaken by wars for thousands of years.

In one of the holiest places in the world, its importance seems to be its doom.

Like in a test tube fear and distrust, occupation and terror, generational traumas and destructive colognialism have helped form an emerging apartheid state. They have grown into horrendous extremes witnessed in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel and the ever growing refugee camps in the region.

This is Israel and Palestine. This is middle east.

holy land.

layered images from a place plagued by conflict, mistrust and violence.

❇︎ B L A M E ❇︎

As we mirror our soul in those around us the self tries to confuse our feelings actions with those of the ones we love. We start to blame each other. A visual poem.

✕ PAIN ✕

A memory from the Dead Sea and the desert in Jordan.

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