❉ (to) disappear ❉


a transmedia project created by ramin aryaie

produced by VOIIAGE.ORG


mother earth 2014-2017

This Chapter features:

Music by nicolas jaar / A series of layered images

A conversation between Gabrielle Sedita and Vincent Moon

A live performance by vincent moon & marco donnarumma

The second chapter of DREAMS explores the invisible through a very direct link.

A digital trance that is the result of a diverse collaboration interweaving films taken over the past five years by Vincent Moon all around the world, mixed by him in a new form of live cinema, combined with the experimental body sounds of performer Marco Donnarumma, filmed by the amazing Priscilla Telmon and reinterpreted into a new form of transcendental oneness by Ramin Krause. It points to a place where nothing is separated, where we are all one, where the invisible floods our being, where we have left the physical world to merge into one with the spirits, with mother earth.


A new kind of digital trance followed by a conversation on the sacred and the invisible.


As we mirror our soul in those around us the self tries to confuse our feelings actions with those of the ones we love. We start to blame each other. A visual poem.


visions from beyond the surface.

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