Berlin, Germany


In September 2017 I traveled to Berlin to meet Jeremy and Trever. We had met exactly one year earlier at the Michelberger Music gathering in the Funkhaus. Now we were back equiped with synthesisers, drum machines, laptops and a camera. We spent a week jamming at the Michelbegrer Hotel, recording tracks and performed two live shows at Urban Spree and the hotel. The music ranged from raw, industrial noise to harsh techno beats, from distorted cassette recordings to mellow melodies. Simultaneously I remixed the multi layered films of DREAMS further into ever deeper trances.

These are photographs from this adventure. A long film combining the visuals with a 45-minute session in Saal for of the wonderful Funkhaus is in the works and will be released sometime later this year.

The Film

A 45 Minute exploration of Noise and Sound in relation to image and movement.

All recorded live during a week in Berlin.

Produced by PEOPLE & VOIIAGE

more coming soon.

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