I breathe deeply and feel little prickles on the tip of my nose. Spays of cold water floating towards my soul. Today I became myself. Positiveness exploded thought my body. It flooded my veins and filled my soul. I wanted to burst. In this moment my being found the purest form of it’s existence. A state of pure and ever lasting joy.

I silently sit on a huge, black, fallen tree in a raging river. Tiny particles of water shoot in waves onto my face and my almost naked body. I can feel goosebumps travel over my back.

Joy floods my body as I fold my hands in front of my face and thank the universe for everything there is in my life. For everything I love. I cannot hear my own voice.

The waterfall towers high above me. The water falls and falls, different streams join together. Day and night, year after year the masses of water crash down onto the big rock, with a tremendous rumbling that fills and vibrates my body, down to my bones. Everything is vibration, everything is sound. I dive into it, I disappear, it morphs into the background. It becomes myself.

My eyes are closed. I thank myself, I thank the universe and everyone I love.

I smile.

A bigger and bigger smile. From within, from inside my torso, near my solar plexus, a wave of joy starts to wash through me, it fills every living cell of my being. It expands and my body and my soul vibrate, they glow a golden shine. I want to explode, burst into infinite pieces and become one with the universe, which I am already at this moment in time.

I am.

We are one.

In this moment everything shifts. I now fully understand what I know already: Everything is as it should be. All my past, all my future and all my present are perfectly how they should be. I am here.

I laugh and send love out to all those I love, to all those who have touched me in my life. The small rainbow is still towering low over the rock where the water masses crash onto the rock.  A faint shimmer in the sprays. Disappearing from time to time, just to always appear again.

I turn my head and look up into the blue sky. A cloud is half covering the sun. It slowly glides further, carried by the wind. I watch it as is glides. It is without resistance. Always where it should be. Separating and joining again with other particles. And eventually, when the load becomes to heavy, releasing everything and raining down onto the earth.

The beams of light slowly increase in intensity, everything around me shines brightly, as does my soul. It shines in a golden glow. It sits right behind my solar plexus and slowly and endlessly spins in perfect harmony with it’s existence and the world.

The sun now shines it’s light right into the endless sprays of water floating around the valley.

I can literally see the light break through the water. Like blades. A new, bigger rainbow appears. It stretches from a rock on the left though the falling water to a rock on the other side. I stop in awe, silent. Then the sun suddenly shines even stronger and the rainbow grows and extends. It reaches further and further. I see both ends coming together. They meet in a circle. Right in my body. In my torso. At my solar plexus.

Joining what belongs together.

 I smile.

I trust.

I understand.

Everything is as it should be on this first day of the year.

In this pure state of being I return to Rokatson’s house. He lives with his wife and four of their five children in a few wonderful traditional houses near the ocean. They migrated from Mere Lava as most of the people in the East of Gaua and his family shares a gigantic coconut plantation with his siblings and cousins. He knows everybody and is involved in politics, the school and the church. He supports the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP), which was one of the government parties preparing for a snap election as I was there. As a board member of the local school and the pastor of the local ministry of some Australian priest he felt responsible and tied his interests into the political game of funds and corruption. His oldest son goes to school in Port Vila and to pay his extravagant fees the family works in Copra, has a small shop and sells the meat of cows they keep on their plantation. They make meets end and he spends most of the family money on the nightly shells of Kava. The next day he then sleeps. And all the work sticks with his wife and the children. They are the most wonderful, connected and smiling children. Soon we become good friends. They take us on explorations through the bush, teach us fishing and hunting for pigeons. They swim and laugh with us endlessly in the big river close by. The “Big Wata” runs down the hilly landscape from Lake Letas, the big, silent home of these gigantic, black eels. One time a year they glide down the river towards the ocean. Soon they fall down 120m onto a gigantic rock. The ones that survive reach the ocean and find their way until  Tonga and Hawaii following the currents. The ones that die are eaten by the locals as their lifeless bodies wash down the river.

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