"Zwischenräume" is a contemporary dance performance by the two dancers Maria Sauerland and Miriam Arnold in collaboration with the Lübeck musician Brigitte Sauerland, which was created for Kulturfunken 2021.

Thematically, the dance performance deals with the physical, material and emotional space between two bodies – bodies that can be both real and imaginary. In a sensual atmosphere, a sonic – visual experience is created for the spectators, which touches and can create intimacy despite distance.
The performance wants to create space for associations and give the viewers time to reflect on their own experience of physical closeness and distance.

Choreography + Dance
Maria Sauerland + Miriam Arnold

Music by
Brigitte Sauerland

Cinematography by
Ramin Aryaie

Produced by
Maria Sauerland
Miriam Arnold

Supported by
Haerder Center Lübeck

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