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My name is Léo, the flying Léo. I take people on magical journeys high up above.

I am an experienced circus artists and aerial acrobat. The silk is my home and I love to hang from trees, bridges or my beloved professional structure. Here I am at home, I play the Ukulele, juggle or perform mind-goggling tricks.

My shows are an unique mix of acrobatics, dance and music.

see it  yourself.


Aerial Acrobatics where you want!

You can book me for a variety of events and locations. Here few exemples :


A beautiful surprise for your beloved and your guests, a poetic show with class, taste and originality.


If you are a company or someone who wants to surprise your guests.


Do you like to offer the most original and visible gift?


From France until Latvia, from morning to night and from rock’n’roll to hippie festival.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West

Léo Perrier Laffont

Professional Aerial Acrobat, musician and comedian

I am a  performer. I studied theatre for 10 years and went to the conservatory of dramatic arts of Toulouse for 2 years. I learned Ukulele, guitar and singing roaming over the planet. I was terrible at sports all my youth until I felt in love with aerial acrobatics. Since then I trained relentlessly at ZAK circus school of Köln/ Germany and any parks with decent trees for the sake of pushing limits and beauty.

I love the magic of sharing a moment of grace. To look straight in the eyes of a mesmerized crowd and feel together the specialness of what is happening. I want to show that everything is possible, and our most crazy dreams are achievable.

About the show

10–15 minutes of intense aerial acrobatics with music and lights.

This includes:

  • blowing your mind with cool tricks few metres high in the air
  • groovy music that we can choose together, and I will dance on
  • playing ukulele and singing upside down
  • elegant, funny or outrageous costume
  • Before and/or after – try outs for children and adults for fun and cool pictures

Extra: 30 min live music playing guitar, ukulele and singing famous covers from all around the world in french, english and spanish.

What do I need to book you?

You have to wish for a beautiful show.

For all challenges of the situation, we can discuss how to solve them.

‘People who don’t do anything find excuses, people who do everything find solutions.’

You can book me anywhere in France and in Europe!

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“Leo is the most authentic aerial silk acrobat I know. For the last few years he has been training constantly with true passion. This has made his art truly unique and incredibly beautiful. He resonates joy and lightness in every movement. He is daring, yet works very professionally.”

Ramin Aryaie

What I admire about Leo: he flies high above all heads and yet is always on eye level with his audience. He spontaneously responds to situations with the experience of a 100-year-old artist and has preserved the curiosity of a playing child.

Cornelia, Aerial Artist from the Compagnie Fliegwerk

Léo made of our wedding something special.

The music of our wedding was beautiful, and we could not have asked for a better singer.

We and our guests were also amazed on his aerial dance. Especially, the kids loved it because Léo included them in the performance.

Thank you, dear Léo, for making our wedding memorable for us!

Lydia Merklinger

Every time I see Léo on his silk, I feel he will never come back to earth again… It feels like he is melting with the silk and with the air around him. Léo´s authenticity makes every show very special, combining elegance and beauty, humour and laughter, music and the passion of playing… I see the child in Léo which will never stop experimenting and discovering new ways and I see the professional artist who found his passion and who transfers this love for the silk to everyone surrounding him. Thank you Léo for your inspiration and your determination!”

Joke Jh

Get Flying!

You can book me anywhere in France and in Europe,

Contact me for a personal offer!

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+33 6 51 36 20 25



Explore Aeriality, an experimental acrobatics film I co-created with director Ramin Aryaie for VOIIAGE.